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Today’s Menu : Sambal Tahu Bejek with Anchovies

Am off from work today and I can’t stop thinking of Tofu & Chilli for my lunch, so I went to market and bought what I need to make this “Sambal Tahu Bejek” … Different from usual, this time I add some anchovies in it and made it taste even better 😀

Another Short Break From Work

This time our younger co-worker, Artan, joined us and took this pic with his Handphone’s camera.

Short Break from Work

After long days prepared for our next project, my co – worker plus one of best friends (Goneng) and I just decided to chill and take a short break before continue our work 😀

Emir’s Smile

It’s almost lunch time for Emir, his mom and I tried to wake him up and when he did … he put his sooooo cuuuutteee smile …. huft I wish I could bite his cheeks 😀

Mi Nephew Azka & Emir

Mi closest relative came from China for holiday and I couldn’t be happier to spend time with these two little boys of her …

Today’s Lunch Menu

Today I didn’t have time to shop for groceries, so I start digging on what I have in my fridge…I found soybean curd & ebi, I also still have green chillies, cayenne pepper, red onion and garlic. So I decided to cook all I have right there and this pic is the result he he he … I know some don’t like chillies or spicy food but I love spicy food so this one is just perfect for my lunch 😀

Chicken Steak 4 Dinner

It’s big, full of flava and very well cooked (I don’t like raw food and for chicken I can’t eat it if it’s not really cooked) … I think it was really delicious and I barely order chicken steak since I prefer meat for steak …. I took my friend’s reference on our menu and it was a successful dinner, YES!!!

2nd Day Lunch Menu in Sana’a Yemen

Our menu for lunch was chicken fried, cane bread with sauce and chilli. I like the chicken, it had little bit sweet and spicy taste. This time the portion also fit in my stomach good, nothing less and nothing more. A successful lunch!!! \O/ YAAAYYY!!!!

1st Day Lunch Menu In Sana’a Yemen

Our 1st day in Sana’a Yemen, our friend Uli took us to have lunch and it was great, the food taste really good especially this rice with chicken (I called it kebuli Rice coz it taste and look like Kebuli Rice) but I have problem with their portion. Okay, see, I like to eat and almost never had problem with any food I had so far and since I was a kid, my father always told me to finish my food and never leave any left over because we have to thankful that we still have a blessed to have a meal and not suffered from hungry so we couldn’t leave left over to be thrown. so it’s surely has great affect on me. That’s why when the waitress put the plate with this chicken and rice in front of me, I was little bit shock because the portion they put on that plate was for two persons or more I think and I was struggling on how to finish it. For the first time in my life, I need like hour or so to finish the meal (and that’s only for this plate with rice n chicken). I felt like my stomach was going to explode and I need time to walk to our car after that and I just skipped my dinner XD.

My Meal During Flight to Dubai :D

This is our menu on our flight from Jakarta to Dubai (for transit) before continue to Sana’a Yemen. It’s not too bad (thanks to the sausage that really help) and I finished them all … \O/ Yaaayyy!!!